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About Akilah Fashions

Akilah Baynes Owner / Operator of Akilah Fashions
Akilah Baynes is the founder and designer of Akilah Fashion(AF), a clothing line that specializes in Fashionable but Modest Muslimah Wear. Drawing inspiration from the notable fashion-worthy trends of the city of Philadelphia where she was born and raised, Akilah demonstrated hints of her future craft when she begin styling clothes from a young age. Akilah’s interest and love for fashion was further influenced by her maternal and paternal grandmothers, both of which were designers and seamstresses – one in RTW and the other in Bridal Couture. To her own surprise Akilah eventually found a niche in modest fashion and followed in her grandmothers’ footsteps pursuing her own career as a fashion designer.

Though genetically blessed with the gift of sewing, Akilah consulted her grandmothers’ help to perfect her garment construction skills when she started making her own wardrobe in 2005. A couple of years later she was ready to take her craftsmanship to another level forming and launching Akilah Fashions (AF), a collection catering to women seeking to guard their modesty without feeling the need to abandon trends.
Akilah Fashions opened the doors to it first retail establishment in Philadelphia in 2009. Since then based on the need to expand in an effort to accommodate its growing client base, the business was recently relocated to its current home nestled in the town of Chester, PA
Today Akilah Fashions is a well branded and respected label in the Islamic Fashion community with a solid client base in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Additionally, the brand has a national reach as a result of a successful Ecommerce operation. Akilah only anticipates upward growth for the business and continues to set challenges for herself and her business strategically aimed at getting her the next level of success.

Ever an avid lover of fashion designing as a craft, Akilah gives back to the craft by working with aspiring designers to help them learn the basics of sewing and designing.


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